About Us

McTricky's Liquidations are what the name suggests, we liquidate all kinds of stock from clearance and end of line to bankruptcy.

Most of our products are to be treated as when they are gone they are gone and unlikely to return.

We finally got sick and tired of dealing with entities like paypal back in 2012 and removed our web presence.

With the rise of Bitcoin we have brought back our web presence with the only payment method being Bitcoin.

We intend to help the community avoid the dreaded KYC which is plaguing the Bitcoin world by offering a small cash out service,

in the form of cash by mail and vouchers we can purchase with cash from paypoint.

We can only recommend that you purchase your Bitcoin from Bitcoin ATM's which can be found Via this link.

We will never endorse the sharing of your Identification and or personal documentation with anybody via the internet.


There are many Bitcoin wallets to choose from but we recommend electrum.

You can also collect tiny amounts of free Bitcoin every hour Here, but it will take a long time to collect an amount of significance.

Emails sent from McTrickys Liquidations may land in your spam folder. We only ship items within the UK.